Easy and Effective Design Ideas For Swing Tags

The single most important factor in the creation of a brand is the atmosphere in a store. Advertisements can only go so far – it is the real, physical interaction that people have with your products and the space in which you sell them that goes furthest in creating a positive impression. One of the final steps in that branding exercise is the swing tags for your products! Today we are looking at design strategies for swing tag printing that can really individualize your store and set your brand apart from the rest.

Two Colour Printing

This design strategy offers maximum impact as well as maximum flexibility for placement. Keeping it simple ensures that your tags won’t clash with half your stock, while looking super-stylish on the rest. The two colours don’t have to be black and white – many printing services will offer you the choice of black and one other colour at a price below what would be charged for full colour work, The colour of the paper forms a third contrast colour that you can utilize in your design.

Unbleached Paper

Does your trade printer have an unbleached paper option? If not, you can quite easily source your own stock to have your swing tags printed on. The unbleached look is a very effective design strategy for businesses that use green principles and environmental friendliness as part of their market positioning.


No rule exists that states that swing tags must consist of a single, unfolded piece of paper. The swing tag is a great place to provide product information and start warm marketing, at a much lower cost than printing brochures. Using your product tags to start a dialog with customers about the product tells them that you care about them, beyond putting the cash in your register!

Macro shots

Macro shots are ten times better at creating an impression, and an atmosphere, than photos of an entire object. Photographers love macro shots because they allow you to get right up close to the soul of an object. The macro shot that you use for swing tag printing doesn’t have to be of one of your products. Either your marketer or your trade printing service can choose an image that is related to your business, but not necessarily belonging to it.

Multifold mini-brochures

One of the reasons that CDs have survived for so long in a digital-dominated age is the associated paraphernalia that comes with them. The lack of a cover insert is cited as being one of the main reasons that people still buy physical discs rather than automatically downloading everything. People WANT to connect with a brand… especially if they like it enough to buy products from within it. Multifold mini-brochures, even if they contain nothing more than extra images, are a great way to help them along. Ask your trade printer for a quote – they are surprisingly cost-effective.