How to Effectively Design a Results Based Website

There is not one day that goes by where I don’t come across a website that literally makes me scream. No matter what you surf for, you will always find somebody on the net that just completely screws up their internet presence 100%.

What do I mean?

If someone has a website then that website should serve a purpose. Whether that is to make money, provide information about your offline business or just educate visitors on a particular subject every site needs a purpose. To fulfill this purpose, website owners these days need to pay more attention to the way in which they present themselves online and what this image projects about them, their company or organization.

Colorful graphics, animated backgrounds, multi-colours and flouro are serious turnoffs on the internet. Some may think it looks cool and trendy but the vast majority will look in shock and completely fail to take the site seriously. If this happens then you have completely
wasted your time and effort by 90%. The visitor will leave and you have lost your chance to ‘capture them’.

Web design is a big issue nowadays. The website is your virtual representative. You have to make the best impression on your visitors the first time. If you don’t you may have lost them completely. This is just crazy. You don’t need to be a professional web designer to design amazing websites either. In fact the truth is quite the opposite.

In my e-book, Automatic-Website, I detail three simple options you can use to design an effective website presence. In essence these are:

* Design one yourself
* Pay a designer
* Use a professionally designed website template

Each method is accessible to all of us and just depends on your personal preference. The easiest method to designing your own website is to use a HTML editor such as Microsoft Frontpage.

Designing websites with these type of programs is as simple as typing a word document. Just type in the text you want, add a few color highlights, a banner or picture and there you go – an instant website!

Paying a professional is also another option. They should have the skills to put all your needs together into a website. One word of caution though. Some designers get away with charging ridiculous prices for standard website design. Don’t be fooled! You should pay no more than $80-$120 per page. A complete 5 page website should cost no more that $400-$500 and is more than enough for the average website owner. Make sure they are accessible and able to meet your demands.

The final method you can use is to use website template. Get the template, plug in your text, add your banner and BANG! You’ve got your site! There are so many places available to get a whole host of templates. Different styles and designs from contemporary to business and corporate. Just do a search on Yahoo! And you will find hundreds of template sites.

Whichever option you choose remember that simplicity is the answer. Make sure your site is set out in a logical order and easy to read. Clean lines and plenty of space will help your visitor read and navigate your website. Take care in designing your internet presence. It is the first point of contact with many of your visitors and you want to make the best impression possible. Do it right the first time and you can’t go wrong!

Good luck with your internet strategy and get designing!