How to Effectively Design a Website When Advertising For Lawyers

Websites, when done properly, can be very effective advertising for lawyers. Today I will focus on why you need multiple calls to action on your law firm’s website.

Different people react in different ways to pictures, text, graphics, etc. on your website. This is why we give them various ways to interact with each call to action.

Since we don’t know what others will find appealing it is important to provide different ways for an individual to contact us. We have to remember that what appeals to us will not attract the attention of someone else.

As an illustration, say I want to write a guide that appeals to people with legal problems in my field of practice. What I need to do is display a professional looking graphic of the guide which also is a link to download page where a prospect receives the guide in exchange for contact information. In addition, I will write a short sentence underneath the graphic which links to the same download page. This way, I will capture people that wish to click on the picture as well as the text.

Another example is listing your phone number on all the pages of your site as well as a graphic and text links to receive free case evaluations. This will appeal to users that are ready to talk about their issue now as opposed to someone that is at another stage in the process. For instance, someone downloading an e-book may still be doing research, whereas the others are ready to talk today. Either way, I am providing outlets with which they can contact me.

“If a prospect wants to contact me they go to my contact us page!”

I agree that your website should have a contact us page, but you have to think about why a prospect wants to contact you. Think about things from their perspective. They have a problem they want addressed. Give them help with that problem in the form of a free e-book or consultation. When you do that, the prospect will have more incentive to call or fill out your form.

If you try out these methods on your firm’s website, you will see how online advertising for lawyers can help grow your practice.