Web Marketing Strategy – Key Points to Effective Design

An effective web marketing strategy strives to popularize a website in terms of its online services. It is very much like advertising using billboards and brochures, the only difference is that the campaign is held online. Listed below are some ways to ensure the success of these strategies.

Web Marketing Strategy: Keyword Research and SEO

Keyword research is the process of figuring out keywords most appropriate to the needs of a particular search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Here a keyword is a phrase or tag that is searched by internet users looking for a particular service. Keywords need to be both highly popular and completely relevant to the product they are being used for. SEO campaigns work by integrating these keywords into the content of a website. This way, when the search engines are asked to look for those keywords, the SEO website gets a high rank among the search results.

Web Marketing Strategy: Effective Web Design

The easiest way to ensure an effective web design is by building the website on the parameters of usability and utility. The website should be simple and properly formatted with simple navigation tools. Effective web design includes content should that is rich in information and presented in a formal and precise manner.

Web Marketing Strategy: Blogging

This means that the website should be regularly updated with blogs that make sure that the visitors keep coming back. Such blogs should also provide free information about the services offered. All this helps increase the visitor retention rate.

Web Marketing Strategy: Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fast and cheap mode for advertising on the internet. Another added advantage is that the administrator can actually trace the response of the email receiver, based on what he/she does after opening the mail. With a standard response rate of 60%, this method has proven its effectiveness.