Window Treatment – Easy Ideas For Effective Designs

If you’re planning to dress up your window or just want to add new elements for a completely different look, what better way to do that than to use window treatments? If used effectively, window treatments can provide efficient light and privacy control, create the illusion of space, hide structural defects and create a whole new ambience in any area in your house.

Basically, there are different kinds of window treatments you can use either by themselves or combined. These are drapes, curtains, blinds and shutters. Your pick on which of these window treatments to use will depend on your needs and the particular look you want to give a room.

1. Drapes and curtains

Drapes and curtains are probably the most common window treatments.

If you want to expand the room and create the illusion of a bigger space, use light colored curtains and light fabrics. Light colors also allow more light and create a sunnier room. Let in the breeze and sunshine with tiebacks that either match the curtains or provide a great accent.

Drapes are perfect for Victorian-inspired rooms or if you want to create a romantic, opulent look. They can make any window look elegant especially if you choose colors and texture that are rich and luxurious. If you have tall windows, use heavy drapes to keep the windows from overwhelming your window treatments. Lighter drapes look best in smaller windows.

2. Shutters and blinds

Shutters and blinds can be made with fabric, vinyl or wood.

Shutters create a look that is similar to the plantations of the Old South. You get great control over light and privacy by simply opening or closing the louvers. They also offer great protection from wind and dust. If you want a country-style house or a look reminiscent of a Paris apartment or a nice remote beach house, shutters make a perfect window treatment for your home.

Blinds also allow you to manipulate light and give you better control over privacy. If you have large windows, you can try festoon blinds. This type of blinds will work well if you want the puffy, romantic look. If not, go for plain fabric blinds or Roman blinds, which allow you to lift an entire portion of the fabric to keep the window view clear.